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G&T Social and Digital

We are big idea guys but also tactical and executional. We think every consumer touchpoint is an opportunity to explain, entertain, provoke or persuade. Here's a small menagerie of digital assets we've generated over the years, starting with the personality infusion we provided for Band-Aid, which was losing market share to colorful challenger brands.

The Bar Method

We brought design and consistency to The Bar Method's visual identity.
We created four social films to explain how TBM differs from high intensity training.


When McDonald’s wanted to announce that after 40 years of offering one Big Mac, there would now be three, we found a relatable but simple solution to tell the story.

Coors Light

We created a film series, MyClimb, MyStory, to highlight stories of human achievement. Then we nudged the brand into the future by developing their first Snapchat stories, more engaging Instagram posts and content for the first-ever AR edition of Sports Illustrated.

Bibigo Mandu

We brought playfulness to the US launch of Mandu dumplings.

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